Fourth Annual Antique Appraisal Day held in Sayre

Fourth Annual Antique Appraisal Day held in Sayre

The fourth Annual Antique Appraisal Day was held at the Sayre Historical Society on Saturday, July 9. Barbara Kotasek, coordinator of the Owego Elks Emporium, was once again the appraiser for this successful event. There were 30 items registered for appraisal, and the values went from $50 to $5,000. 

Items appraised that day include an oil painting, a paper Mache doll, a Capodimonte figurine, a silver pocket watch and a gold pocket watch, a German World War Helmet, framed prints, a $20 bill from the Sayre First National Bank, and a soldiers watch from the Civil War. 

There was also a collection of hotel desk bells and a cast iron cat bank, a Roseville pinecone bowl and a spatterware pitcher in yellow and brown (very unusual), an ornate mahogany table and a painting by T. Manley, a China bowl from Teed’s in Sayre that had a picture of the Sayre Bridge in the center, and an amethyst bottle.

Kotasek is very knowledgeable about antiques and collectibles, and gives the audience a very vivid description of the item along with today’s value. She also gave the owner of the ornate table instructions as to how it should be cleaned.

Kotasek will be back in the fall when the society will be holding its first trunk and treasure auction. 

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