TAC presents Emerging Illustrators, an exhibition

The Tioga Arts Council (TAC) is pleased to present Emerging Illustrators, their July 2022 Exhibition that features illustrated works by three unique artists, with a focus on pen and ink as the medium. The emerging illustrators included in this exhibition are Miguel Amaro Santiago, Emmaline Milkovich, and L. Loo Wales.

Emmaline Milkovich uses mixed media to display how history’s view on minority groups has impacted how they see themselves through the usage of multiple mediums and styles. Miguel Amaro Santiago is showing a mixture of ink and digital work, drawing inspiration from comics.

L. Loo Wales is presenting a combination of satirical vegetable illustrations, with pieces about mental illness, again with a mixture of ink and digital work.

All three artists are local to the Southern Tier of New York.

The exhibit opened on July 1, and will run until July 30 on Wednesday through Saturday, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Arts Council, located at 179 Front St. in Owego. 

NYSEG served as a sponsor for the Emerging Illustrators exhibit.

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TAC presents Emerging Illustrators, an exhibition"

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