Letter: Gas prices and the ‘New Green Deal’

Dear Editor,

Why is the price of gasoline over $6 a gallon? Is it really because of the Soviet Union’s war with the Ukraine? I don’t think so. 

When President Biden and Vice President Harris were running for office, it seems to be that they were for the “New Green Deal”. They want us to stop using petroleum gas for our cars. So I am guessing that somehow Biden has caused the price of gasoline to go through the roof so that we, the American public, will be enticed or even forced to buy and use electric vehicles. 

That is why I think the gas prices are so high!


William L. Pletcher

Owego, N.Y.

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  1. Really. Are you thinking it’s really that simple? I think you need to read more. It’s the people playing politics with our pocketbooks as they always do. It’s cheaper per barrel and more per gallon. If we are assuming as you are I would assume it’s the right raising money for elections. Suddenly you will see record donations to the right from these companies. And anyway we do need to switch. Quit being ignorant with our childrens lives

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