Letter: 2,000 Mules may offer perspective

Dear Editor,

The National Commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the National United States Complex failed to pass the senate; the United States House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 attack replaced it. 

Events leading to the Jan. 6 situation were related to the 2016 Presidential election. Nearly 1,000 witnesses, thousands of hours and millions of pages of documents have provided input to the Committee. From Jan. 6 to the present, a number of elected representatives have attempted to find and share the facts or “truth” surrounding Jan. 6. 

A movie, 2,000 Mules, has been released. Information found within this movie may provide a different perspective. Since the release has been recent and limited, a joint session of the House and Senate, lasting 1 hr., 28 min., would provide a bipartisan opportunity to share a specific body of information. A study guide could be provided. The guide would make utilization of material personal, with a summary released on the individual’s internet site, allowing the Electorate insight into the decision making process.

The guide would contain the following opportunities; Situation, Information, Evaluation, Conclusion, Reaction, Decision and a Public Statement. The guide would be based on need for space depending on the complexity of the situation.


Joseph Albrecht

Owego, N.Y. 

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