Two Secrets for True Love

Two Secrets for True LoveIllustration: Brahma Kumaris.

The two secrets for true love are to understand the soul, and the other is to understand God. There is power in these two secrets. When I understand that I am a soul with a nature of goodness and each human being is a soul, then we don’t even need to speak.  It is a matter of looking at you with spiritual vision and seeing you, the soul sparkling in the center of the forehead.  

I may not understand your language, but I will understand the thoughts and feelings of the soul. Communicate first through thoughts and then through words. This is the service of this time. When we speak and act from the consciousness of being a soul and keep our awareness elevated and spiritual, body consciousness is chased away!

Thoughts can be our best friend or our worst enemy. They affect our spiritual endeavors. Whatever is the quality of our thoughts, positive to negative, our attitude becomes the same and our vision follows. It’s a natural occurrence. 

If we don’t keep checking our thoughts, our mode of thinking becomes quite ordinary or negative, no longer spiritual. Our mind begins to race; we react sensitively to little things and the opinions of others, even to our own limited way of understanding.  

An enlightened person understands nothing is to be gained by thinking about others. When you look at others, don’t see their defects. Just pick up each one’s virtues and specialties, and you become filled with these qualities. Your pure thoughts and feelings will do all the work. 

Human beings always think that others should love them. However, as we develop inner peace and power we increase love for ourselves. Never become tired of loving the self.  

Two Secrets for True Love

Illustration: Brahma Kumaris.

When I love and respect myself I can offer true spiritual love and respect to others and be free from attachment.

The other secret is to understand God as our Father, an eternal being of light, and a soul who has pure love for us. “I am a soul and I am a child of the Supreme Soul, my Father.”  

There is power in these two secrets. When I remember and hold this loving Father in my awareness, the flood of wasteful and negative thoughts naturally stops. The mind and intellect become filled with pure thoughts and true love rests in our heart. God’s light of love and might will be visible from our face. When enough souls have the same collective commitment to keep the company of God, a wave of pure, powerful vibrations will radiate across the world and uplift souls. 

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