Letter: The Golden Carrot

Dear Editor,

To my fellow residents of the Village of Newark Valley, are you aware there is a local law in reference to Cannabis law 131 in which we can say “yes” or “no” to it going into effect.” On Dec. 6 the law was read at a public meeting, few were in attendance? This law gives us the opportunity to say if retail dispensary licenses and on-site consumption licenses can be issued by the Village of Newark Valley; in other words, do we want CBD stores here, mom and pop storefront shops selling cannabis and a place to consume cannabis like a cigar bar or “Hookah House”. 

The Town of Newark Valley has already said they do not want those places in the town, now the Village on its own can say noting and let this law go into effect, or say no and opt out like the town has. 

A GOLDEN carrot has been put in front of us saying the money made in these places of business will be taxed and that money will come to us and not the State. We are struggling to operate as a Village, but do we have to sell our souls to the devil to survive? This law is a “can of worms”, a “foot in the door.” 

Will the income from this lower our Village taxes? Not likely! The next public hearing will be Dec. 27 (poor timing with the holidays and people away) at 6:30 p.m. 

Come hear for yourself, ask questions, voice your opinion; by Dec. 31 it will be too late and the law will be in effect. If unable to attend the meeting call the Village, call the Mayor, let your voice be heard, this is a rare chance. 

The State of New York says it is legal to possess, use, and grow cannabis; but just because it is legal does not make it moral, right, or good for us. Say no to this types of business in your village! 


June Esler

Newark Valley, N.Y.

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