Formula for Recharging = Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Formula for Recharging = Ctrl + Alt + DeleteIllustration: Brahma Kumaris.

The soul needs strength to deal effectively with daily situations, as demanding as they are, and yet take time out for the self. Souls are tired and yearn for peace and rest, because when the connection with the Supreme Being breaks, the ultimate consequences are conflict and disease.  

It becomes necessary now to pay even more attention to what we are thinking about, what we are remembering. Am I remembering things that make me smile or am I remembering things that make me feel irritated and tired? Or, are we remembering the One who removes our tiredness?  

To become free from tiredness or at least diminish it, eliminate the awareness of ‘I am doing’, and replace it with the thought, ‘God is doing’. When I become aware that ‘God is doing’ my tiredness vanishes. My primary responsibility is to keep God in mind.  

“When I remember God is in charge, the end results will be right, successful, and I won’t feel tired.”

As resources dwindle in quantity and quality, we need to improve our ability to discriminate between what we want and what we need. We must be careful not to become misled into making physical pleasures our means of attaining happiness. What we have today may not be here tomorrow. 

To prepare for these constant external changes, remind the self that you have three eyes, two for looking out and one for looking in. Why look in when everything is happening out there?  

“Because the treasure we seek – beauty, peace, love, happiness is inside, not outside. We already have what we seek.”

It is also essential now to find ways that help us remain in a stable state of mind and to prevent long-term emotional upheavals from affecting our mental and physical health. Prolonged stress weakens the body. Our bodies are like cars and we souls are the drivers. We do find time to check our physical cars and have a regular maintenance program to ensure their smooth running. Do we have this same check up for I, the soul, and the driver of this bodily car?

Spiritual solution: Take time to check up on the quality of your thoughts. Keep your thoughts clean so your words and actions will be clear and beneficial, keep them well oiled, free from rust of negativity and the past and keep them cool and calm with the water of knowledge so the mind doesn’t become overheated.

Need help during the day keeping the smile and the positivity topped up. Think Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Control yourself + Alter your thinking + Delete negativity.

Care for your body and take care of your mind, make friends with your mind; always feed it healthy food, engage it in positive activity.  Acceptance with a smile does not mean everything is perfect. It means our state of mind is perfect! 

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