Letter: Think twice about mandates

Dear Editor,

If you are listening to your heart, and in the back of your mind the little voice that tells you something just isn’t right about vaccinating our children with an experimental vaccine, which at this time, has unknown long-term effects, all because of our own fears of a flu-like virus that has a 98% survival rate, which can still be caught and transmitted despite wearing masks, or getting one vaccine then another and yet another before it’s useful, then you’ll agree this is a terrible decision to mandate injections in healthy kids.

Please, if you don’t have children of your own but do have grandchildren, nieces and nephews or even neighborhood children who you adore, then you’ll agree that the possible long-term effects of this understudied vaccine in children is not worth it.

Our kids and loved ones should not be guinea pigs for Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. Please don’t underestimate the fact that there are still extremely power hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing out there with the capability to manipulate the masses. Also, if you believe in the shot, then you can take it and you’ll be safe, even if others don’t take it.


Kate Varga

Owego, N.Y.

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