Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Hello, my name is Halsey. They named me after the road that I used to live on (Halsey Valley Road) back in August of 2013. I lived in a colony with a bunch of other stray cats. This elderly lady had accumulated quite a few of us kitties and she had to get rid of some of us. I was one that moved to Maddie’s Meadows. 

I am a very big boy compared to the rest that live here. I think Nancy said that I weighed 16.4 pounds. I am not overweight, either. I am just BIG and very, very gentle. I like to lie on top of the cat tree and watch the chaos happen.  

Nobody ever messes with me because I am big. I wouldn’t fight with anyone anyway because I’m just a laid back, gentle, good-natured, non-aggressive kitty.

That is probably lucky for them. My paws look like I have bear claws. I could do serious damage if I was sufficiently provoked, but it hasn’t happened in eight years, so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen.

This place is a lot better than the outdoor deal we had going on before. Slim pickings on the food and outdoor weather, well, you know that can get real bad from time to time. I’m enjoying life here, relaxing and letting the world go by. We have plenty of food and big fluffy beds. What more could a cat ask for.

If you would like to send Nancy a donation to help her take care of all of us she would really appreciate it. You can address your check to Maddie’s Meadows and send it to P.O. Box 445, Owego, N.Y. 13827.  

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