Burdens Vanish With a Change of Attitude

Burdens Vanish With a Change of AttitudeThe late Brother Frank Gentile and his abundant harvest. Photo credit: Sister Chirya.

Our children, our work, are they a burden or a responsibility? If our responsibilities have become burdens, then something is wrong. It would seem then we are not content with our circumstances and probably are hoping for a change.  

Change – the word that frightens so many. For things to be different there has to be some sort of change in a gross way like a change of location, or in a subtle way, a change of attitude. The most meaningful change is a change of attitude.  

In one second a burden vanishes when there is a change of attitude.

Take for instance this situation. You are told to perform a certain task immediately, to complete it in less time with no reason given. Your responsibility becomes a burden. A few minutes later, however, you are told an individual of whom you are extremely fond requires this work. In a second your attitude changes. The task becomes your responsibility and not your burden, and out of love you complete the job in even less time.

With a change of attitude, every situation improves. Sometimes it only takes a thought to create a change in attitude. We may have acquired many such keys through experience, but often we forget them or forget how to use them. 

When I bring to mind some keys I have found work, these thoughts create a positive attitude towards the change and transform burdens into responsibilities. 

Some ‘key’ examples are as follows.

– I may not control what happens but I can control my attitude; thus I can master change rather than allowing it to master me.  

– A bad attitude is like a flat tire, if I don’t change it I’ll never go anywhere.

– Attitude is just a way of thinking. So I changed my thought process and I change my attitude.

– I realize I need to change because a better way of life is in my hands.

– Whatever change is happening, it is beneficial. 

– The only thing that is constant is change, so enjoy it.

(You can contact Sister Chirya Risely, from Owego, at bkchirya@gmail.com or at chirya.risely@peacevillageretreat.org.)

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