Letter: The burden of student debt

Dear Editor,

Student loan cancellation has been gaining attention recently, with an end to the repayment moratorium quickly approaching. I am writing to advocate for full student loan cancellation.

I’m a 30-year-old social worker with two Master’s degrees. Like so many others in my generation, I believed that pursuing higher education guaranteed a higher paying job and a better life than my parents. But the cost of higher education has increased astronomically, while wages have not kept pace. 

Today, 42.9 million Americans have student debt, and I don’t know many people who are not struggling to keep up with their student loan payments.

If you are like me, with over $500 in student loan payments each month, imagine if your student debt was gone. What could you use that extra money for? Buy your first house? Have kids? Start that small business you’ve been dreaming of?

Fellow debtors, if we do nothing, the greedy corporate lenders continue to own us. But if we collectively take action and demand student loan cancellation, tomorrow looks a lot brighter. Our representatives are talking about this more than ever. Now is the time to write, call, or speak out about this issue. 

If you want to learn more about this, there is a group, a union of debtors, called the Debt Collective (www.debtcollective.org), working toward full student loan cancellation. Check us out and join the movement.



Jamie Bercaw

Owego, N.Y.

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