United Way is looking for singers


United with Voices will take place at Tioga Downs Casino and Resort on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021. 

Tioga United Way is looking forward to hearing your voice today. Visit www.tiogaunitedway.com to submit your audition tape, solo or duet performances only. Auditions will be accepted until Sept. 24, 2021.

According to Meredith Sagor, Tioga United Way’s executive director, each artist is unique and has his or her own style. “Let that shine through in your audition video submission,” said Sagor, adding, “Choose a cover song that best represents you as an artist and matches your vocal and performance style. You may sing to a track, accompany yourself on an instrument or have someone else accompany you.”

The United Way is asking those submitting entries to use a high-quality recording device such as a camera, MAC, PC, iPhone, or your Android.

They reminded folks to have fun and show them your personality and energy. 

“We want to see you perform,” she added.

If you do not have a mic, make sure your recording device is close enough to get clear clean audio. If you are using recording equipment, avoid overly using reverb, compression, tuning / vocal enhancers. 

“We want to hear you, not an edited version of you,” Sagor added.

“We don’t need any visual effects, props, or anything that would distract from your performance. Save that for the live performance.”

Check their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and website at www.tiogaunitedway.com for updates.

One hundred percent of the proceeds go to their 34 partner agencies located through Tioga County.

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