Umbrella Academy Plant ID Walk at Brick Pond

Join the Umbrella Academy on Wednesday, Sept. 8, at 6 p.m. at Brick Pond in Owego when Jeff Smith will take guests on a short walk around Brick Pond, identifying plants and trees – what belongs there, what doesn’t, and what’s invasive. There will also be a little nature and botany talk around the edges. 

Brick Pond is a place where human habitation brushes up against a preserve, so there’s a lot going on out there. Wearing boots or shoes that can get wet is recommended, as well as bug repellent. 

Jeff Smith is a naturalist and board member at Waterman Conservation Education Center working on inventorying plants and plant changes at Waterman sites. Recently he’s been focusing on invasive plants and insects and troubled trees (especially Hemlock and Ash). 

Smith is also an amateur photographer, videographer, and microscopist with two related YouTube channels: one on Southern Tier Plants and Nature (STNY Nature), the other with videos of typical protozoan’s and microscopic metazoans (watsons_knot).

Brick Pond is located at 526-276 E. Front St. in Owego, N.Y. 13827 (for GPS purposes).

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