What You See is Not What You Are!

What You See is Not What You Are!Illustration: Brahma Kumaris.

If you know a little of yourself, you will have realized that you are more than meets your eyes in the mirror in the morning. What you see is not what you are. You see the form not the content, the body not the soul, and the matter not the mind.  

In quiet and profound moments we innately know this is true. But we forget. The world tells us and wants us to believe that we are what we see – so we buy into it and take the easy way out.

 Now that the spirit has awakened and we recognize our spirituality, it means we have to keep reminding ourselves 100 times a day, I am a soul – not a body. I am an eternal spirit – not a perishable piece of meat. I AM.  

Thinking ‘I am a soul, a peaceful soul, a loving soul, a powerful soul’ is only theory or knowledge. It is not being soul conscious, but definitely an essential and good start. However, the thought, “I am a soul’ has to be practiced until we actually realize “I AM a soul.”

Learning to talk properly to myself is a spiritual endeavor. Thoughts from the past and worries about the future do not create a good conversation.  

Whatever you are experiencing in your mind right now is what you put there earlier on. In the world there is a lot of false news, misinformation, delusions and illusions that can lead us astray. 

But each one of us has an inner guru, our conscience. You will know if you have followed your conscience; it will not ‘bite’ at the end of the day! So put only the goodness of positivity in your mind, some peace, determination and good feelings, and your mind will give the right experience in return. Talk to your mind with love. Love your mind and you will experience happiness.  

Meditation is having a loving dialogue with oneself and the Supreme, and is very necessary to help us develop our virtues and accumulate inner strength of will power so our conscience becomes our friend.

One does not become soul conscious and good by trying to be good, but by finding the truth and goodness that is already within – just a bit buried.  

I asked a wise man, “Tell me sir, in which field should I study to make a good career?” He said with a smile, “Be a good human being. There is a lot of opportunity in this area and very little competition.”

(You can contact Sister Chirya Risely, from Owego, at bkchirya@gmail.com or by email to chirya.risely@peacevillageretreat.org.)

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