Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Hi there, Cecil from Maddie’s Meadows here. I am tired for being here the longest. In June I will have been here for nine years. 

I am told that I am a hybrid (called Chausie), part jungle cat, and part domestic short hair. My facial features indicate I have some jungle cat in me. My temperament leans more towards domestic short hair. I am timid and shy around both cats and people, and generally a loner.

I have had quite a few medical problems over the past nine years; I have had a stoma and ear surgery in my left ear, stomatitis and surgery in my mouth where I had to have all my teeth pulled, and ring worm – weeks of therapy for that. It has not been easy for Nancy or me. I feel good now though, and I think Nancy has survived as well.

I have my own little get away in the bathroom that Nancy set up for me because I am a little frightened by all of the other cats. She engineered her claw foot tub into a sanctuary by covering the tub and putting a blanket over it that hangs down for privacy. I spend a lot of quiet time in there. 

I am the first person to greet her in the morning. For a kitty with no teeth I eat very well; wet or dry and I get excited about breakfast. Actually, I think we all do. Once everyone gets their breakfast things will calm down upstairs, and then Nancy disappears downstairs to take care of all the kitties down there.

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