Letter: The truth is simple

Dear Editor, 

It has been brought to my attention that, in the last few publications of the Owego Pennysaver, someone has attempted to use the anonymous readers column to start a false and negative narrative about the current and future state of Art and Music Education in the Owego Apalachin Central School District. 

A friendly reminder that such anonymous comments should never be taken as truth and if you ever have a question or concern about what is being shared, please reach out directly to the school district and ask for details. I appreciate the community members who contacted us questioning the validity of these comments, expressing their concern and looking for more information. 

The truth is simple. In no way shape or form is the district cutting art or music programs. We are extremely proud of our visual and performing arts and will continue to support the growth of all programs that benefit students. The anonymous commenter is clearly misinformed. Not only will there be no cuts made, the district is actually adding to and upgrading the high school Arts program. The brand new art suite at OFA is currently under construction as part of the Capital Improvement Project that started last year, and the district has been accepting applications to fill an opening for a High School Art Teacher for about a month now. 

I would also like to note that on Monday, April 19, the OACSD Board of Education approved the proposed 2021-2022 School Budget that will have a 0% tax increase and has no cuts to any of our programs, district wide. More information on the budget will be shared with our school community in the coming days, as we approach the May 18 budget vote. 

Again I ask, if at any time you have specific questions about programs, the budget, or any other district matter, contact my office and I will be happy to help get you the necessary and factual information you need. Email district questions to dateline@oacsd.org or call the Public Information Office at (607) 687-7307, extension 7080. 


Luke McEvoy 

OACSD Public Information and Digital Media Coordinator

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