Letter: Protecting New York’s Farms

Dear Editor,

Earlier this year Bradford County added the 343-acre Litchfield Township farm to its Farmland Preservation Program. This should bring Bradford County up to 26 protected farmlands and 2,370 acres of protected resource. Pennsylvania’s Senator, Gene Yaw, said that Pennsylvania is setting the standard for farmland preservation.

In March of this year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a record $52.5 million available for the State’s Farmland Protection Implementation Grant program. The Governor stated, “As a result of the historic levels of funding being offered, and with eligibility expanded for this important program, we are providing even more opportunities for our farmers to conserve valuable agricultural land, protecting the future vitality of New York farming.”

I have a question for the Tioga County Legislature, the Soil and Water Conservation District, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the Ag and Farmland Protection Board, what are you doing to take advantage of this fiscal resource to protect the best of our FARMS in Tioga County, N.Y.?

If Bradford, Pa. can do it, WHY can’t we?


Marty Borko

Waverly, N.Y.

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