Letter: Do we still have a free country?

Dear Editor,

When will millions of Americans understand that the past two elections (Presidential and Georgia Senate run off) were taken (not won) by a party that wants to control us, no matter what it takes – it’s scary. 

The outcome of the Presidential election was planned for a long time. Add to this that this party is financially supported by powerful globalists that are working toward a one-world system and not a strong independent U.S.A. that, up to now, has been the gatekeeper for much of the World. Now it gets scarier.  

Can this movement be reversed? It is going to take a tremendous shift of voting to Republican candidates, because close outcomes will just get taken again.

There has been a trend from the sixties that has changed many voters’ views, which has brought us here.

First, we have taken religion out of the schools, and we put it on the back burner everywhere else possible. 

Second, we no longer teach our youths the fundamentals / principles this country was founded on, which brought and preserved the freedom we have been blessed with. 

Third, most of our media has moved to the left, so many voters only work with what they are giving us, which has gotten just as corrupt as the D.C. swamp. 

Fourth, our Judiciary system has been pushed further and further to the left. It’s amazing what our courts look the other way on now.  

Americans love our country and must realize to save our great country we have a big challenge ahead. Currently we have one party controlling us that over time have become secured by outside forces.

I believe our great Lord has watched us waiver from him and he is sending us a signal. Either we recognize his warning and change our ways, or our country will be taken. We have a fight on our hands just like the founders of this country did with the British.

Most Respectfully,

Bruce Beckert

So. New Berlin, N.Y. 

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