Letter: I have a hero!

Dear Editor,

I have a hero! He is not from another planet with super capabilities or wearing a bat costume or carrying a shield. No, this is a local hometown hero, who probably wears Carhartt overalls and drives a big green farm machine. 

Thanks be to God for this hero who came to my rescue twice in these past few weeks after both of the recent snow events, scooped aside the white stuff and saved untold hours of a backbreaking effort for me. This was especially true after the three-foot snowfall in December, when there was a packed 5-foot wall at the end of my driveway and another corresponding wall of this stuff hiding my mailbox. 

With no names mentioned, you know who you are, this is one additional ‘Old Coot’ (apologies to Mr. Lessler for borrowing the title) that is saying a big “Thank You” to the neighbor(s) that lives down the road and drive those big green JD machines. 

Let me be a bit presumptuous here, but on behalf of my adjoining neighborhood folks, I will convey a ‘Thank you’ from them as well. We all were able to benefit from the extended hand of assistance.

In appreciation,

John Kopacko

Nichols, N.Y.

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