The High School Heartbreak

It was expected that the experience was to last for the whole duration, but unfortunately it was cut short.

Not only did we lose the time we had to experience with our friends, but also our education was coming to an end. Learning no new material didn’t even feel like school.

Being locked in our house with no Friday night hangouts, or the Saturday’s for the boys, just made it seem like we were just existing and not actually living.

As the pandemic still continues and controls our life in many aspects, there are some things that have changed; but unfortunately it’s still cutting those four years of the most memorable moments into two and a half years.

We will remember high school for a different reason than most classes before us, and to me that is the worst high school heartbreak I could ever have.

(A student of Chris Evans at Owego Free Academy, Madison Jackson is one of several trying to encapsulate their “losses” this year.)

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