Sunday’s Christmas Pageant by First Presbyterian Union Church on Zoom

Sunday’s Christmas Pageant by First Presbyterian Union Church on ZoomSunday’s Christmas Pageant by the First Presbyterian Union Church will take place via zoom. Provided photo.

The public is invited online to the First Presbyterian Union Church in Owego this Sunday, Dec. 20 at 10 a.m., for their annual Christmas Pageant via Zoom (FPUC’s first time having its pageant on zoom). “Christmas As We Remember It, Zoomed In for Everyone” was written for Christmas 2020.  

This year, from the comfort of your home, experience the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth as part of the Sunday Worship Service at FPUC. Over 25 actors and actresses will reenact this intergenerational drama for all to enjoy and recollect. 

Come early at 9:45 a.m. to enjoy the “Gathering” slide show of past pageants.  The Zoom meeting is at 819 4028 9108, Password: FPUC. All are welcome. 

Playwright William Dove teaches English, public speaking, video production, and self-defense at Spencer-Van Etten High School. He is an elder at FPUC in Owego and enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. This pageant, the fifth consecutive year of such, has been done almost entirely through Zoom and iMovie. A few characters perform live too.  

Characters include Storytellers- Abigail Dove and Susie Hall, Narrator – Bob Heinle, Mary – Eva, Joseph – Daniel Hall, Elizabeth – Kathy Ballester, Citizen 1 – Cliff Gray, Citizen 2 – William Hall, Citizen 3 – Stu Rogers, Citizen 4 – John, Citizen 5 – Cheryll Berg, Shepherd 1 – Kevin Crossgrove, Shepherd 2 – Jordan Dove, Shepherd 3- Jacob Dove, Angel 1 – Debby Evans, Angel 2 – Julia, Angel 3 – Phoebe Denis, Angel 4 – Cora, Angel 5 – Emma Buckthal. Angel 6 – Molly, Herod – Lillie Carrigan-Bauer, Henchman 1 – BJ Heinle, Henchman 2 – Bruce Williams, Henchman 3 – Grant Dennis, Wiseman 1 – Len Bjorkman, Wiseman 2 – Dave Oliver, Wiseman 3 – Ray Matthei, Vocal Soloist 1- Diana Campbell, Vocal Soloist 2 – William Hall, Vocal Soloist 3 – Abigail Dove, Instrumentalists – Jordan and Jacob Dove and BJ Heinle, Music Manager – BJ Heinle, Advertisement – Bruce and Carolyn Gillette, Playwright – William Dove.

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