28th death from COVID reported in Tioga County

In Wednesday’s COVID brief, the Chair of the Legislature, Martha Sauerbrey, reported Tioga County’s 28th death due to COVID-19.

In a release from the county, it stated, “Tioga County Legislative Chairwoman Sauerbrey announced it is with great  sorrow that we must announce there has been another death due to COVID-19. I am  sure this person had friends and family and are feeling loss today. Our deepest  sympathies to you.”

The release continued, “We had all hoped the COVID experience would be over by now but not only is it  not over, our numbers are growing beyond what we saw earlier in the year. There are  cases of COVID-19 all over our county along with many other counties in our region.” 

With cases increasing, Chair Sauerbrey, in an urge for caution, stated, “As we go about our daily routine and be sure to practice  good health habits, wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands. During the  next few weeks, it would be good to limit your travel and social engagements to  protect yourself from the chances of contracting the virus.”

“If you do choose to socialize  and spend time with people, remember to practice safe habits,” she added. 

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