Letter: Departing with gratitude

Dear Editor,

This goes to all my teachers at Owego Free Academy (OFA) who have made my learning experience the past four years so memorable. For certain, it is disappointing knowing that my final day at the Academy was one I can’t even recall. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great. 

The thirteenth day of March 2020 was just like any other day, and it was my last day roaming the halls of OFA as a student. I’m sure all of my teachers were as friendly and welcoming as they always had been, which is why it is a day I cannot remember. As my teachers, you all made such a great day seem so routine. It’s something I took for granted. 

In retrospect, I know for a fact that there isn’t a school, a group of teachers, or friends I would rather have. The past four years have been quite remarkable. I learned a lot. Not just history or calculus, but I learned even more about others and myself. 

I got kicked out of class and I served some time in ISS. I had my fun, and it probably was at your expense at times. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you would say I was a difficult student to get along with. I would wholeheartedly agree with that.  

However, some of my experiences were initially regrettable, but now they are something I can easily laugh about and learn from. Everything I learned at OFA, within and outside of the school curriculum, has brought me where I am: a high school senior saying goodbye and heading off to college (hopefully) this fall. 

The moments I will always remember, and the ones I’ve already forgotten will be with me forever. I will cherish nearly every second I spent at OFA for the rest of my life. You all are part of what made my experience so great.

With much gratitude,

Karson Tofte

Class of 2020

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