Letter: The straw that broke the camel’s back

Dear Editor,

Emperor Cuomo continues to view our entire state as though it is all like New York City. I can understand some measures targeted for the densely populated New York City region but I do not believe they are applicable for all of the state. For example, a state mandate that all people must wear facemasks is not necessary. By the way, at the time of this writing there are only three states in the nation that have this statewide requirement. I bet if Cuomo wore glasses he would see how they easily fog up and are quite inconvenient.

Early on the approach was to allow local leaders and communities decide what was best and safe for their residents. Now Emperor Cuomo has taken the dictatorship approach for setting certain criteria each defined region, submitting a plan to his Majesty’s advisors, and wait for approval or disapproval. Cuomo does not even understand that the regions themselves have different industries and different sources of revenue; so his one size fits all makes no sense.

The sad but true reality is that Cuomo and his fellow democrats want this to drag on as long as possible so they can continue to have the population more dependent on their infinite wisdom and the government can continue to exercise more and more authority over the population. This is the true goal of the Democratic Party: Socialism.

This also allows Cuomo more time in negotiating with the Federal Government for additional financial assistance to New York. Keep in mind that Cuomo announced before the virus issues surfaced a budget deficit of over $6 billion dollars.

Cuomo refuses to accept that many individuals and businesses have left New York solely due to high taxes and the cost of doing business in New York. He refuses to accept that once people retire, they are fleeing this state as it is continually ranked as one of the most expensive places to retire. And none of this is new news, it has been happening for decades now.

While this remains to be seen, many are projecting that once this is over, many will relocate out of New York City due to the potential of other like illnesses. One columnist said that this is likely the “straw that broke the camel’s back” on top of the already high taxes and cost of living.

So the coronavirus is being used to help Cuomo figure out how to get a bailout from the federal government that he can also use to offset his poor fiscally managed state.

Keep in mind the old saying, “Politicians create fear and Pharmaceutical companies create disease.” As long as Cuomo keeps the fear in his state, he can buy himself more time to get his fiscal house in order. In the meantime, we’ll have to sit back and watch as other states move forward while our State’s Regions play the Emperor power game and beg for his approval to move forward.

I personally would like to see upstate New York say the heck to Cuomo and his plans and do what each county thinks is best for them based on their unique circumstances. And, if Emperor Cuomo is so concerned for upstate New York’s safety, why not then quarantine the whole New York City region and leave us be to do what we think is best. It also supports the opinion that the New York City region should be a state of its own with completely different needs than the rest of the state.


Rance Brode

Owego, N.Y.

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