COVID-19 and Village of Owego operations

COVID-19 update from Mayor Mike Baratta III:

We at the Village are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously, we have been working with the Department of Health to develop a plan of action for our emergency responders. We have developed a unified action and PPE plan for our EMS, Fire and Police personnel. We have been cleaning our buildings thoroughly as well as the equipment to keep our residents safe. 

Elections are coming up March 18, we will have Central Station clean, disinfected hopefully the weather cooperates and we can have the doors open for air to flow through. There has been a donation of 400 pens so voters do not have to share pens, we are using paper ballots not the machines with touch screens etc. We want to pass the message that it will be safe to come and vote if you choose to do so. Absentee ballots can also be obtained from the village clerk’s office if you do not feel safe coming to the polls. Their phone number is (607) 687-3555. 

Our Village Board Meetings are still open to the public and will now be streamed LIVE on YouTube, search Mayor VillageofOwego on YouTube and subscribe to our channel, watch the village webpage for more info etc. Do not feel like you have to attend the meetings to participate, you are more than welcome to email me your public comment before, during or after the meetings, I will check my email before the meeting and before the second public comment, read and discuss any emails we receive with the board. 

If you feel you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms the direction is to contact your doctor to arrange for further treatment. If your situation is more urgent DO NOT HESITATE to call 911 and our emergency service providers are fully trained to support you during this very stressful unknown time. 

Feel free to reach out to me by phone, 607-972-6034, email or on Facebook, if I can help find answers I will. 

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