Opinion: Cleaning up the event with no name

Dear Editor,

Thank you Mayor Halstead for being out there cruising the Village of Candor within minutes after the passing of the terrific Wind Shear event in the late afternoon on Aug. 18. Mayor Eric could be found all over the Village assessing the damages and arranging for services and/or resources for both the village and the residents. Where critical to severe property damages had occurred, he was providing information and village resources. Thank you to our Public 

Works Department Supervisor, Eric Lang and crew, who also hit the deck running. 

Thank you to our Town of Candor Road Supervisor, Kevin Noble, who stepped in to help with manpower and equipment both to the village and throughout the town, and to our Town Supervisor, Bill Strosah, who also was assessing resident damages and needs. 

Thank you to the utility and tree service employees who had great response time and can still be found putting things back to right. To the Candor Community at large who responded by helping those who were in need of extra hands on cleaning up yards, providing services and/or to salvage and amend immediate damages. 

It is post-immediate damages of the “event with no name” and clean up and amending continues yet. Not a 2011 event, but the needs, the response and the aid given and received were nonetheless just as great. 

We all are so appreciative of all these people.


Florence Alpert

Candor, N.Y.

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