Silent Movies at the Newark Valley Depot

Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid is widely considered one of the greatest films of the silent era, and what better to couple it than with a spoof of such silent films, namely Mel Brookes’ Silent Movie, replete with the ultimate silent film spoof of a single word spoken by Marcel Marceau, the famous mime. 

Such a coupling will be just the cinematic fare on Saturday, Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. at the Depot in Newark Valley, located on Depot Street. The Newark Valley Historical Society sponsors the silent films.

Released in 1921, The Kid was Chaplin’s first full-length film where he was writer, producer, director and lead actor – at the age of 32 and only two years after he had co-founded United Artists. And there’s something autobiographical about the story – the childhood poverty, going from those rags to riches via a career in acting. The film is equal parts comedy and drama, slapstick and heartfelt.

Apalachin resident Rick Pedro will offer live piano music for The Kid. His music offers an enigmatic style, fused with his unique stage presence, humor and animation.

During Silent Movie (1976), a parody and satire that serves up a heaping plateful of everything that make the saddest audience laugh, expect to see all of Brookes’ buddies – Feldman, DeLuise, Peters and Caesar – in full comedic force, along with an amazing array of cameo appearances by such stars as Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman and Liza Minnelli.

Come and relive the glory days of silent film with live music. Tickets are $2 each or three for $5, and are available by calling (607) 642-9516 and leaving a message with your name and phone number. Each ticket holder will receive a free bag of popcorn. 

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