Opinion: ‘This is my country, land that I love.’

Dear Editor,

I will begin this with a phrase, “This is my country, land that I love. There is a lot of turmoil against my love.” 

I sense 100 percent of it is coming from the left (democrats). A sample of it is one, they want to change the constitution and allow uncontrolled immigration; two, they agree to start wars, then for political pressure stop them after thousands of our children are wasted (Europe And Japan was a success); three, they trash our God that guided our founders in the creation of my love; four, they want to grow our government that will suppress our individual growth – i.e. doctors, farmers, etc. will be an assembly line (socialism). 

In summary, a vote for a Democrat is a vote against our love. The Challenge is there, are they up to it?


John Zechman 

Owego, N.Y. 

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