Daffodils here, Daffodils there, and the best place for Daffodils will be the Candor

Daffodil Festival and Daffodil Daze planned for Saturday, May 4. Come celebrate spring as the Candor Chamber of Commerce and Candor Forward host the 2019 Daffodil Festival at the Candor Ball Field. 

The Candor Daffodil Festival is an expansion on the wonderful Daffodil Daze event the Zamoiski family holds each spring in Candor. A shuttle van and a hayride shuttle will make trips from the downtown festival to the Zamoiski’s 11th Annual Daffodil Daze a few miles outside of the Village of Candor. 

When they arrive at the Daffodil Daze site, festivalgoer’s will be delighted with the 64,000 daffodils of all varieties the Zamoiskis have planted over the years as a living tribute to Joy Zamoiski, who passed away in 2014.

Downtown, at the second annual Daffodil Festival, all types of vendors, including hand crafted wood items, jewelry, soaps and lotions, clothing, pet treats, oils, antiques, interesting displays, and unique items will be featured. It is a great opportunity to find a special Mother’s Day gift. 

Children and families will be treated to a children’s activity area with bounce houses, crafts, face painting, and entertainment. There will be food from multiple food trucks and bands playing all day. Enjoy wine, beer, cider, and cheese tastings as well! A portion of this year’s proceeds will again benefit the Candor Resource Center’s Food Pantry.

Join in on what has become an annual celebration of spring in Candor thanks to the tireless efforts of the Zamoiski family. What started as a surprise celebration to celebrate Joy Zamoiski’s 85th birthday has grown each year as a tribute to Joy Zamoiski. The initial 1,000 Dutch Master bulbs in classic yellow spelled out her first name, “Joy” on the rocky hillside. Over the years the family has added words spelled out in daffodils such as PEACE, LOVE and WELCOME.

Spring 2016 marked the unveiling of their latest creation in daffodils. It is a breast cancer ribbon made with 1,600 Pink Ribbon daffodils. The Zamoiskis donate 10 percent of the proceeds to cancer research. At the end of Daffodil Daze, daffodils are given to nursing home residents and others so they can continue to enjoy spring.

Don’t forget May 4 in Candor!

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