Opinion: Safety and efficiency are always a priority

Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice support for Northeast Supply Enhancement, an important natural gas project proposed by Williams. 

Pipelines get a lot of negative press, particularly natural gas pipelines of late, which is frustrating because they are the safest mode of transporting energy when they are built the right way. As a long-time welder for Pipeliners Local 798, I have made a living working on projects like this, and I have become very familiar with Williams and how this company operates. 

Safety and efficiency are central priorities for my colleagues and I, so my support for specific pipeline projects does not come lightly. I am standing up for Northeast Supply Enhancement because I trust it will be built and operated as safely and efficiently as possible.

This project will not only support good jobs (more than 3,000 last time I checked); it will also generated substantial tax revenue for New York, help us decrease carbon emissions even more and allow more Americans access to affordable energy. 

We all deserve the benefits associated with Northeast Supply Enhancement. I hope more of our leaders see it this way.

Thank you,

Louis Mezzarone

Waverly, N.Y.

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