Primary taking place on September 13

Primary taking place on September 13

For those who are registered for the Democratic (or Reform) Party, the state’s primary election will take place on Thursday, Sept. 13, with polls open from noon to 9 p.m. 

Running on the ballot to earn the democratic spot in the upcoming General Election are Andrew Cuomo, incumbent, and Cynthia E. Nixon for Governor; Kathy Hochul, incumbent, and Jumaane Williams for Lieutenant Governor; running to be seated as the democratic candidate for Attorney General are Sean Patrick Maloney, Letitia James, Leecia Eve, and Zephyr Teachout; for the 124th Assembly District, running will be Randy Reid and Bill Batrowny; running for State Committee in the 124th Assembly District is Daniel Sniezek and Stephen Carpineta, and Kimberly Cerratani and Diane Lechner. Voters, in this race, can vote for one male, and one female candidate.

The winners of the primary election will advance to the General Election, taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 6. 

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  1. randy and bill are running a primary for assembly in the 124th, not the 13th! thank you

    • Not sure what happened there, but we have corrected this online. Our apologies. Information will be correct on the ballot.

  2. Stephen Carpineta was fired from the Ian Golden campaign after scores of women accused him of verbal and sexual harassment. He is currently under investigation for sending threatening messages (which include photos of rifle cartridges) to a woman in Florida.

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