Opinion: Support the library in this year’s school vote

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in support of the Apalachin Library. The Apalachin Library has saved me $313.83 in 2018 and saved me $1,086.58 since 2016 because I can borrow books from the library for free instead of purchasing them. 

This allows me to read the books I want without having to store the books. If I want to reread them later I can borrow the books again at another time. 

Patrons have access to the Finger Lakes interlibrary book loans. I no longer spend money on magazines, as the library has magazines for free. 

The library also has computers and a printer. Plus, the library staff is always so friendly; it’s fun to stop in.

I hope you will vote on Tuesday, May 15 to support the Apalachin Library.


Ann Ellis

Apalachin, N.Y.

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