Owego dance studio receives acclaim at talent competitions

Owego dance studio receives acclaim at talent competitionsPictured are Kathy Hansen School of Dance students warming up for a competition in Syracuse, N.Y. in early June.
Owego dance studio receives acclaim at talent competitions

Kathy Hansen School of Dance students out of Owego, N.Y. recently participated in three competitions and brought home prestigious honors and medals. Pictured are dancers involved in the production of “Sing.” (Provided Photos)

Kathy Hansen, owner, director, instructor and choreographer of Kathy Hansen School of Dance (KHSOD) is pleased that students at the facility have won multiple competitions throughout the years, which is a reflection of hard work and dedication to the art of dance.

Recently, students competed at regional competitions in Syracuse, N.Y. called “Beyond the Stars” on May 19 and 20, and the “Edge Talent” competition on May 5 through May 7. Students also competed at the United States Tournament of Dance held at the Anderson Center at Binghamton University on June 3 and 4. At each event, KHSOD competitors brought home prestigious honors and medals. 

Regarding the competition season, Hansen shared, “It’s always exciting, even after 43 years.”

Hansen’s dance classes have been thriving in the community for more than four decades. From ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical and pointe, along with more, students start as early as preschool age and continue for as long as five to 15 years.

Owego dance studio receives acclaim at talent competitionsEach year, KHSOD chooses what competitions to participate in, and the Syracuse competitions were selected for their high-caliber qualities. Hundreds of routines were performed during the Syracuse competitions in May, and at the two day U.S. Tournament of Dance in Binghamton, 270 routines were performed, of which KHSOD performed in 33 routines.

Chances are the butterflies don’t totally settle during the competitions, whether it’s the students, teachers or parents, but as for the outcome, KHSOD students were awarded multiple platinum, high gold and gold and diamond medals at the May events, and in June, brought home 13 medals and 20 high point gold awards.

Several dancers were awarded the honor of representing the studio at a national competition for the Edge team scheduled in July, and other dancers were awarded to the All Star team. KHSOD students were recognized in the Special Awards category, which are awarded by judges and given to students who stand out above the rest. Of the most prestigious awards at the three competitions, the Title Winners were awarded to Shelby Steele, Ashlyn Lancki and Ravin VanGelder.

Pictured are students at the Kathy Hansen School of Dance studio on March 29 in Owego, N.Y. Students shown were practicing the “Take the ‘A’ Train” tap dance; the performance brought home several awards at three recent competitions.

Performances of “Sing” and “Take the ‘A’ Train” won multiple awards, including first place designations and special entertainment recognition. A choreography nod for “Take the ‘A’ Train was awarded to instructor, JoEllen Kuhlman.

To view full results of the dance competitions, visit the KHSOD website at www.kathyhansendance.com. For other information, find them on Facebook or call (607) 687-5684.

Click here to view the results from the aforementioned competitions.

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