Libertarian Party of New York is being chartered in Tioga County

Dear Editor,

My name is Sara Price. My background is in Criminal Justice. I graduated in 2007 from SUNY Broome with a degree in CRJ-POLICE and I have obtained all the credits required for a degree in CRJ-CORRECTIONS. I became permanently disabled in an accident during my second semester. 

We are proud to announce the official formation and chartering of the Tioga County Libertarian Party of New York. On Tuesday, April 25, members of the Libertarian Party of New York who reside in Tioga County assembled at the Coburn Library in Owego, N.Y. to organize, formally elect officers, and adopt the bylaws, as recommended by the Libertarian Party of New York. 

Our elected officers are Chairwoman Sara Price, Vice-Chair Melvin Foster, Treasurer Tami Bogausch and Secretary Rich Purtell.

The mission of this our organization is to advance the causes of individual liberty and freedom in Tioga County and beyond. As we are a new organization, we are looking to grow by adding new members, spreading the party objectives, and educating people about what our goals are as a party. The best way to do this is by reaching out to local media, participating in area events, and meeting people at street level.

While we are a ground level organization, we still have lofty goals for 2017. One of our primary goals this upcoming year is for the chapter to seek advancement of a qualified candidate with the proper values of “no victim-no crime” to run for Tioga County District Attorney. We also seek other qualified, like-minded individuals for local elections across the county. 

A lot of people talk about making a change at the local level, but few act. This is your chance to participate and do something for your community.

For further information, questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact Sara Price by email to or call (607) 972-7008. 


Sara Price

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