Umbrella Academy to feature Orville Wright

Not everyone is handed a million dollars to get the ball rolling. Some achieve self-fulfillment through shear will. One man, for example, could be raised in an orphanage and still be a distinguished helicopter test pilot. That man would have a story to tell worth sharing.

To that end, local resident Orville Wright will present “Reflections of a Navy Helicopter Test Pilot” for Umbrella Academy on Tuesday, Jan. 31, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Tioga Trails Café located on Lake Street in Owego.

Raised in a children’s home in Bucks County, Pa., Wright graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. He served as the Navy’s Chief Helicopter Test Pilot from 1975 through 1979. He also managed the flight test program for EH-101 Royal Navy Program for five years.

In more recent years Wright has been trying his hand at comedy. Many local residents have been witness to his musical comedy shows performed with guitarist Daphne Braden. It all began to take shape when he won a bid for guitar lessons with Braden, and soon they were putting together satires on such themes as protest songs of the 60s and “Love Songs for the Gullible.”

Founded in June 2016, Umbrella Academy seeks to create a free, inclusive, and cooperative network of people in the community and explore different ways of learning from each other. Programs are offered consistently on alternating Tuesdays upstairs at the Owego Coburn Free Library. Part of their mission is to give back to the community.  

“Reflections of a Navy Helicopter Test Pilot” is a special fundraising event to be presented at Tioga Trails Café where attendees may choose to donate towards the Coburn Library’s Elevator Fund.

Even in his eighties, Wright is not slowing down. In 2016 he won a Gold Medal in Pickle Ball at New York’s Empire Games.

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