Happy Tails ‘No Kill Shelter’ is making progress

Happy Tails ‘No Kill Shelter’ is making progress

Happy Tails sign along Route 6 in Troy, Pa.

Happy Tails No Kill Animal Shelter began its journey in 2004 when a group of animal lovers in Bradford County in Pa., and volunteers in Tioga County in N.Y. began to aggressively seek homes for abandoned animals through all avenues available to them, as well as provide community education about the humane treatment of animals that would foster harmonious relationships.

In their first year they were incorporated as a 501c (3) nonprofit corporation and bought a six- acre parcel of land on Route 6 just west of Towanda, Pa. After thoroughly researching building designs, they began building a shelter that is both beautiful and functional, with a floor designed to have radiant heat. It will contain a cat room, 24 dog kennels, an intake isolation room, a treatment room, and a grooming area, as well as an outdoor exercise area.

At this point, the Happy Tails building construction is still in progress. Since they do not yet have an operating shelter, they are not able to accept animals from the public. They often get e-mails from people who are looking to re-home a dog or cat for a variety of reasons.

Although local shelters will accept surrendered animals if they have room, many shelters have converted to being no-kill and are often full. If the owner is able to keep the pet until a new home can be found, Happy Tails can offer them the option of advertising their pet on Petfinder.com. This has the advantage of not having to take the pet to a shelter where it will take up valuable space and possibly be traumatized by the experience.

Happy Tails ‘No Kill Shelter’ is making progress

Max is waiting to go to his forever home.

Pets are often more adoptable if they can be seen by the adopter in a home setting where the animal is more relaxed. Happy Tails sometimes lists animals for other rescue groups or for people who are fostering strays. They do this at no charge as a public service to the community and to fulfill their mission to find homes for animals in need.

Petfinder.com is a national website devoted to finding homes for animals. It provides an invaluable service to thousands of shelters and rescue groups across the country, of which Happy Tails is one. Anyone who is thinking about adopting a pet can search by species, breed, age, and sex, and get a list of animals in their geographic area together with photos and detailed information. Someone can also search for shelters and rescue groups in their area.

The Petfinder.com process is simple. When a person looking to surrender an animal contacts Happy Tails, they must evaluate whether this is an appropriate situation for listing on Petfinder.com. The owner or fosterer must provide basic information about the animal, their contact information, and digital photos if possible. Anyone who sees the ad and is interested will then contact the owner directly.

Happy Tails does not get involved in private adoptions or take responsibility for the animal. They can however advise someone on how best to place ads and screen potential adopters. In emergency situations they can also put out a request on Facebook rescue sites and on email distribution lists.

Happy Tails also works with families and individuals who are willing to foster a dog or cat until a permanent adoption can be arranged. In many cases a fostered dog or cat turns into a permanent family member if the situation allows.

Just recently in Bradford County, Pa. a beagle named Max found himself in a situation where his family could no longer keep him. Through the help of Happy Tails he was taken in by a foster family and is registered on Petfinder.com. According to his foster family, Max had to go through an adjustment period, which is normal. At first he was quite stressed because he missed the people in his previous family. But now, he has settled down. He loves to be with people!

For more information about Happy Tails, Petfinder.com, or adopting a great four-legged companion contact Happy Tails at happytails68@gmail.com.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. There are many dogs waiting for someone to adopt them. It can be a heartwarming experience. Many dogs are well behaved and just waiting for a good home.

Sometimes, like Max, they may need to go through an adjustment period. Some dogs at first appear more active and “jumpy” because of living in an enclosed area, but once settled in a home their true personality comes out.

A great way to find a wonderful dog like Max, a beautiful cat, or any others to fit in with your family would be to go to www.petfinder.com. There are so many loving dogs and cats in shelters just waiting!

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