Owego Rotary Club Program welcomed Jerry Acton

Owego Rotary Club Program welcomed Jerry Acton

Jerry Acton, pictured, presents about Marcellus Shale Gas Performance at a recent Rotary Club meeting in Owego, N.Y.

The Owego Rotary Club has had a variety of interesting programs, including the one by Jerry Acton on Sept. 23.

Acton retired from employment after 31 years as a systems engineer for IBM and Lockheed Martin.  Systems engineering is the process of examining complex problems, identifying patterns, and interactions.

Acton used his extensive background in systems engineering to study the Marcellus shale gas well production in Pennsylvania and applied the results of the analysis to predict the possible outcomes in New York. Acton explained his analysis process and that the analysis is based on publicly available gas well production data from six Pennsylvania counties just south of Tioga, Steuben, Broome, and Chemung N.Y. counties (1,795 wells).

Based on his analysis, New York State would not be expected to have any economically viable shale gas production. He also reminded guests that all of the water in Tioga County and Broome County are part of a Sole Source Aquifer System. If that aquifer is contaminated, there is no viable economic alternative.

All of the rain that falls in the watershed reaches the Susquehanna River within 24 hours. This explains why the river rises so quickly during a rainstorm and why any effective spill response would be almost impossible.

The Owego Rotary Club meets every Tuesday noon at the Owego Treadway Inn, there is a program each week and the public is welcome.  The Owego Rotary Club supports many projects in Tioga County.

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