Sensationalism seems to be selling newspapers

Dear Editor,

An article on Saturday Aug. 30 in the headlines in the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin about Lockheed and its unspecified number of employees giving $443,000.00 to N.Y.; Congress members and I said to myself, “Wow! Lockheed bought off our representatives!”

Then I read the article that said that the contributions were over a period of 14 years. What a difference! That shrinks down to be $34,076 plus change for one year.

Now, if each Owego employee gave 10 bucks that would just about cover it and if the company gave any, as stated, it would be less than that per person. The Gannett article headline is slanted to makes it sound like our representatives are being bribed by Lockheed, but if you read the facts it is a somewhat different story, which it  usually the case after you read the headlines that are sensationalism that sells  newspapers.


Ralph Telfer

Owego, N.Y

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