Letter: Problems Solved

Hamas attacked Israel and started a war. They have used Palestinians as shields in UN buildings, schools, and hospitals. Any Palestinians wanting Hamas to leave are silenced; Muslim terrorist countries are using them. The solution, unconditional surrender of Hamas and nothing less.

Funding for the Ukrainian war. Solution, the U.S. has over $300 billion dollars in frozen Russian assets in U.S. banks. Take this money and fund the war at no cost to American taxpayers.

The flooding of unvetted migrants into the United States. Solution, a Federal counterfeit proof ID card for all migrants. Anyone without, anyone with A criminal past, any crime committed by a migrant becomes a Federal crime; these people would be sent to a moderate climate gulag established in the Midwest and held until deportation to their country of origin.

Why won’t these work? Greed, hate and power driving politicians, corporations, banks and the UN.


Tom Meade

Endicott, N.Y.

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