Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsPictured is Monroe. Provided photo.

Hi, remember me, Monroe? Well I have been living with Gail for over a year now. I was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia when I was five months old. Gail has given me a lot of love over this time and had me tested three times just to be sure I was positive because I seemed so healthy.

Well, two days ago I started feeling bad. Gail spent a lot of time holding me and talking to me. Today at 10 a.m. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Monroe was just a year old in July. Monroe and three of his siblings all tested positive. I had them all retested at different vets and it still came back positive. With them all being just kittens, I could not euthanize them. I had to give them some sort of a life, one better than suffering with the elements under a trailer.

All four were active little kittens, none showing any signs of illness. I figured one year of happiness is better than none.

I will let you all read up on the disease on your own, but please have your cats tested and if they go outside get them the Feline Leukemia shot and booster to protect them. The disease causes them terrible suffering.

Thank you for your condolences and for listening.

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