Be Light & Achieve New Heights

Be Light & Achieve New HeightsBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

If I want more roses in my garden, I start planting them. If I want more love in my life, I start spreading it. If I want more lightness and happiness in my life, start by connecting to the Light of God and radiating spiritual light and might. Surround yourself with what you like by continuously generating it!  

It is not just that you say, “I am fine,” but that you really feel that you are fine! Your stage should remain so happy that others would ask, “How does this one always remain so well?” 

For this to happen, you must be truly smiling from your heart, not just superficially. It’s not that you have one thing in your heart, and something else in your head and on your lips. In life you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say “hello”. However, we have to be very, very selective in what we allow to enter our ears. For example, as soon as a tiny ant enters the ear of an elephant it goes crazy. The elephant’s ears are so big, the elephant itself is so big, and yet a tiny ant makes it go wild.    

Be Light & Achieve New Heights

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

In the same way, if I allow the slightest defamation of anyone to go through my ears, I may lose my values and good intentions. I start interacting with others because of what I have heard about them. Pay attention to this! Let me learn to see only virtues and specialties. Let me not concentrate on anyone’s weaknesses. 

We bring benefit to both others and ourselves when we encourage and support the ideas and ways of others. Freedom is a state of mind achieved when you don’t try to control anyone or compare yourself and your life to others. Remember, there is no competition or comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine their light when it is their time.  

“Angels are seen up above flying; their feet rarely touch the ground. Why is this? Because angels take themselves lightly!”  – Alan Watts.

Accumulating spiritual energy and conserving physical energy fills us with lightness in this disturbed world. We are imperishable beings of light, souls, housed in perishable human bodies and are being sustained by God. Therefore, we remain light within, that is, double light. Being light gives wings to the mind, and there is no chance for negative thoughts and reactions. Being double light brings clarity to the mind, creates a happy heart and our actions become fearless, loving and tireless. 

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