‘Listen In’ – Create the I Am A Soul Feeling

‘Listen In’ - Create the I Am A Soul FeelingBrahma Kumaris illustration.

The first and foremost step towards becoming perfect is seeing oneself as a spiritual being and not a human form only. This is because it is I, the soul, who thinks and is responsible for my actions, for everything I do through my body.  I am what I think, my character being the complete sum of all my thoughts.  

The study of spiritual knowledge awakens our spiritual energy. With the awareness of the soul sparkling in the forehead, this wisdom is valued, reflected upon, and our attention turns inwards to ‘listen in’. We begin to hear this inner teacher and receive some in-tuition 

It’s been a long time since we truly listened, so a little practice and patience will be needed. Sit down, meditate, reflect, or quietly ‘listen in’ to the self, and you will be surprised at what you hear. Intuition is that voice of innate wisdom, which can speak to us at any moment. Remember that you are the calm listener and not the noise from your chattering mind. 

“The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that we use our mind wrongly – we usually don’t use it at all. It uses you. This is the disease.”

Being emotional is when the mind is agitated and using us, and the energy of our consciousness is out of our control. One who is a master of his own mind will experience negative emotion-filled moments as an opportunity to pass these ‘exams’ with honor. By practicing detached observation, he will divert his mind into the ‘eye of the storm’, where it is calm, and observe the ‘hurricane’ passing. 

This is how detached observation works; it withdraws the energy that our emotions use to sustain themselves. For example, when you watch your own anger, it dies. Detach from it, observe it and it will disappear.  

To anyone struggling from the pandemic right now, know that – even if we cannot physically be together – know that I see you, I hear you, I value you, and as President Biden spoke recently, “I need you. We need you to get vaccinated, to keep wearing a mask – seize this moment. Nothing we can’t do if we do it together. It depends on national unity – what we do together as fellow Americans. 

People needed to hear this message; to know they are not alone. Find a friend to confide in whom you trust.  Recognize that you’re never alone; a divine presence is with and within you, so best to confide in God.  Be honest and carefree. Don’t question how things will happen.  Consider everything that has happened and is now happening is good.  Everything that will happen will be even better.  

“This pandemic is a short time in my otherwise wonderful life; I’ll get through this.”

Have true spiritual love. Pick up each one’s virtues and specialties, and you will become filled with these qualities. This is the service of this time. “Listen in” and communicate first through thoughts that bless and empower; then come into sound. Upon waking every morning and through the day, keep the ‘I am a soul’ feeling in mind, “listen in” to your intuition and experience ease and success.   

(Sister Chirya can be reached at Hunter Mountain in New York by email to Chirya.risely@peacevillageretreat.org.) 

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