Attention Please! 

Attention Please! Illustration by Brahma Kumaris.

Use your time in a worthwhile way because the present time is very valuable. Pay attention to the quality of your thoughts, Humanity is realizing that the happiness of life depends upon the quality of our thoughts.  

Notice what is in your mind and heart, because what you think and feel is what you become. Turn the eye of your attention and awareness within, let your mind be quiet and allow your being to be still and rediscover that my outside world is but a reflection of my inner space.  

Remember that life is an echo. What thoughts I send out, come back!  

The more I pay attention to dismissing, or even better, evaporating the waste and negative thoughts, the more I will become tireless and tension-free, and the easier it is to do what is needed. 

Turn ‘tension’ into attention!  Let your mind be filled with the most uplifting and elevated thoughts and remembrance of the One.  All complaints about others finish and the heavy atmosphere becomes light and harmonious.  

There is a great deal of difference between the face of one who comes into tension and one who pays attention. With ‘attention please’, our sparkling eyes and smiling face automatically will be serving during this ‘unique’ 2020 holiday time!

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