Letter: God is the Answer!

Dear Editor,

God Is the Answer. We read the headlines daily and we listen to the news. We are anxious and bewildered with the world’s conflicting views. We are restless and dissatisfied and sadly insecure. And we voice our discontentment over things we must endure. For this violent age we live in is filled with nameless fears that grow as we discuss the things that come daily to our ears. 

So, instead of reading headlines that disturb the heart and mind, let us open up the Bible and in doing so we’ll find that this age is no different from the millions gone before. But in every hour of crisis, God has opened up a door for all who sought His guidance and trusted in His plan, for God provides the Answer that cannot be found by man.

And though there’s hate and violence and dissension all around, we can always find a refuge that is built on “solid ground” if we go to God, believing that He hears our smallest prayer and that nothing can befall us when we are in His care. 

For only by believing in the Things we cannot see can all nations be united in the Peace that makes Men Free. So as we pray for guidance, may a troubled world revive faith in God and confidence so our nation may survive; and draw us ever closer to God and to each other until each stranger is a friend and every man a brother. 


June Esler

Newark Valley, N.Y.

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