Letter: The Moose Lodge is more than a bar!

Dear Editor,

What does that Moose Club down by St. Patrick’s Cemetery do? Is it just a bar that you have to join?

The Loyal Order Of Moose, Lodge 1595, and the Women of the Moose, Chapter 280, work together doing many things in and for the local community and our Fraternal Charities as well.

We have had a shortened fraternal year due to COVID-19, but we feel we have done as much as much if not more than normal because we are aware the needs of the community are even greater then normal. During the time we have been open we have done our normal Wednesday night dinners, with the men doing two weeks a month and the women doing two; and when there is a fifth week, the second degree does a dinner.

These dinners help us make contributions to places like the fire departments and Toys for Tots, the Red Cross, people in need after fires, unexpected deaths, and any unfortunate issues. 

We made donations to the local fire departments of Tommy Moose, a stuffed toy for distressed children to love. We donate to the Parents Reading Partnership to help early childhood reading skills. We give to the Red Cross. We are also responsible for supporting our Child city, Mooseheart, to keep children who may need a home and people to care about them. Along with that we support our seniors who decide for varied reasons to live in our Senior facility, Moosehaven in Florida. This includes maintenance, upkeep, education, and basically all needs of both facilities.

We do benefits, like one for a motorcycle victim who perished and had no insurance; and recently, allowing the Nichols Fire Department the use of our kitchen, social area and lodge room to put on a spaghetti dinner for the family of a mother who passed in a motor vehicle accident. 

We have wedding receptions, family Christmas parties, and other private parties in our hall. We rent out our hall and pavilion for the community. We also help out Stray Haven and other animal shelters.

Our community service includes closing our lodge to allow it to be a polling place. Also, we allow the Red Cross to do blood drives in the hall, and give space for a book club to meet.  

We do so many charitable, community and benefit activities that it really is too much to list. We have many activities for our members including horseshoe leagues, pitch tournaments, Wii Bowling, Bunko gatherings, shuffleboard, and many more.

So if you’re interested in serving and helping your community, enjoying some great meals, getting into some activities, and even attending some clambakes (once COVID lets go), then stop in at 3 Goodrich Rd. or call (607) 687-3970 and find out how to sign up and join the fraternal organization.


Diane Szlucha

Sr. Regent, WOTM Chapter 280

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