Letter: We never even talked politics

Dear Editor,

Irrespective of the outcome of Election Night 2020, I choose to be thankful for the wonderful liberty-loving people I worked with for 16 hours to make certain each vote counted. 

We labored, Democrat next to Republican by design, all day and night. We made sure each voter was greeted and welcomed (masks and hand sanitizer at the ready), respected and guided to privacy booths to cast their votes and insert their ballots safely into a voting machine. We certified that their choice, their voice was heard, was counted, was appreciated. 

We sat side by side and laughed, talked, and got to know each other without ever mentioning politics. When the time came to certify the vote and pack up equipment, we worked as a well-oiled machine, as a serious team to complete the careful process of getting results to the Board of Elections with all speed but not haste. 

We signed our names to confirm each task as we collaborated, Democrat and Republican, to take care that all was done decently and in order to ensure the integrity of our democracy. 

God bless Laurie, Avery, Irena, Laura, Tammy, Bill, Max, Nancy, Pat, Mallory, Dan, Chris, Emily, Amy, Mark, Jamie and Bernadette for their camaraderie and joint commitment to all of New York State’s voters, no matter their political orientation. 

I was proud to serve by their side as a Tioga County Poll Worker.


Lonna Pierce

Apalachin, N.Y.

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