Letter: The controversy behind mask wearing

Dear Editor,

I never thought masks would become a controversial topic. We were asked to wear masks for the safety of others and ourselves. Instead of just going along and wearing them, masks were made into a political statement. 

My mom and I went to a Senior Parade last week. We were socially distanced, for the sake of our health and others. I noticed there were many groups of high school students, middle school students, and adults. They were not wearing masks and were very close to each other. 

I was angered and disappointed by the actions of others.

All of us want to be able to go back to school, go see our friends that we haven’t seen in months, and go out and eat in a restaurant. The large groups of people need to stop. Stay with the people you were in lockdown with. The get-togethers seem innocent enough at first. Except when they aren’t. 

We all saw the news articles about the birthday parties, beach outings, bar crawls, etc, that ended with copious amounts of people sick. You think, “Oh, that was in a big city. There were a lot of people there. That could never happen here, it couldn’t happen to me.” 

It could and if we don’t change our habits, it will. 

The issue over masks boggles my mind. Masks keep us safe, just like seatbelts. People don’t complain about seatbelts and refuse to wear them, so why are masks any different? 

Masks are different because our President refuses to wear them, so they have turned into a political statement. Wearing a mask isn’t a political statement; it shows you are a decent, kind human being. It shows you care about people’s health. It shows you care about your own health. 

I am an ambivert, so at the beginning of this, I was thrilled. I got to spend time at home and with my family! However, after about a month or two, it got boring. I wanted to go back to school and see my friends. 

But I didn’t and I haven’t because I care. I’m going to keep social distancing until we’re told we can go around others again. I’m going to keep wearing a mask, no matter how hot and stuffy it is. 

Be kind. Be decent. Care for yourself. Care for others. Stay healthy.


Lydia Corcoran

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