The Old Coot says enough is enough!

This is a bit petty, but petty is my specialty, so you shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve had it with Governor Cuomo, bullying his way onto my TV screen, just as the Price is Right gets to the grand finale. Day after day I watch contestants win, or almost win, trips, sofas, refrigerators, dining room sets and other goods as the show moves to a playoff between two contestants. That honor is decided by spinning a giant wheel. They then try to guess the price of a collection of “grand” prizes. The one who comes closest to the price, wins. A boat, a car, an exotic trip, a giant screen TV, luxurious merchandise or whatever was in the mix that day. Most viewers try to guess the price, too. Just like they do when watching Jeopardy, except you have a chance of getting the correct answer on Price is Right.    

Just as the drama reaches its peak, Governor Cuomo takes center stage, with details ad-nauseam regarding the pandemic and justifying his every action. It’s an FDR fireside chat on steroids. Except, FDR only conducted 30 fireside chats over a 12-year period. Cuomo outdid him in one month and pushed Drew Carey aside in the process. Roosevelt understood the principal, that less is more; Cuomo never got the memo.

I don’t care what your politics are, you have to admit, when it comes to Cuomo’s parent to child lectures (we’re the child) are way overdone. And, sits on his throne with neatly trimmed hair, while the rest of us go around with a mop on top of our head. And like Trump, he doesn’t wear a facemask, doesn’t set a good example. It’s become the longest campaign speech in history. If it were on Netflix, we’d be in season 42.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay with me that you love or hate him, respect his politics or not. That’s what makes this country great, citizens with different views can still respect each other, though that virtue has been severely strained over the past 25 or so years, and even more of late. 

The thing is, we’re overdosed with pandemic information. There is no evening news; it’s been swallowed by the media’s fixation on finding and airing every scrap of corona virus data. You need a college level course in Statistics to get a hint at what they are talking about. 

ENOUGH! Have your opinion, pro or con, on the Cuomo orations. Just let me watch my Price is Right!

Comments? Complaints? Send to (I’ll forward them to the governor).

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