Photo: Sasquatch is watching

My neighbor and I are concerned about the amount of trash left on the side of the road where we live. We live on Spaulding Hill Road and there’s a beautiful waterfall on the left hand side of the road, so we walk up the hill past the waterfall when the weather is seasonable. In these troubled times it’s good for our health, both mentally and physically.

Lately we have noticed a lot of trash alongside the road on both sides and by the waterfall, so we take a garbage bag along with us and using gloves we pick up the empty bottles, plastic containers, and trash along the way. We are getting sick of picking up after those doing this, because the next day it’s the same thing, more containers and other trash.

I recently made up a sign asking them to pick up their trash, but obviously they can’t or won’t read. We are on the other side of 70 in years and I’m sure whoever is leaving this trash behind is much younger. Maybe the younger people who obviously enjoy the waterfall and the scenery could pick up after themselves and others. 

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