Opinion: New York City does not represent the overall state of New York

Dear Editor,

It frustrates me that watching the news coverage of the Corona Virus where there is rarely a distinction made between the New York City region and the rest of the State. Listening to most of the news coverage one would conclude it is all of the State of New York as opposed to the New York City Region.

Having traveled a good bit both personally and on business, it was very common if someone asked where you were from, and you responded New York, they immediately assumed that meant New York City.

Why this concerns me is hopefully, as progress is made on the virus and restrictions are loosened and lifted, we in upstate New York are not constrained by decisions made for the New York City Region.

I love upstate New York and am proud and happy to live here, but once again the continual problem of being in the same state as New York City again is highlighted. I want to see upstate recover, have the tourists visit in the upcoming warmer seasons, and enjoy it ourselves. Being from Owego N.Y., my wife and I continually explore the many wonderful places upstate New York has to offer, and in most cases only three hours or less from our hometown. We also look forward again to openly visiting and supporting our wonderful village of Owego.

I urge our politicians, representatives to the State and Federal Government, Trade Associations Groups, and other influencing organizations to unite and spread the message that Upstate New York is NOT the New York City region. I have tried contacting Cuomo directly with no results other than I guess I am now on his Mailing list!

I pray we all get through the virus safely, and in no way am suggesting any community do things that would endanger their residents. On the other side, no upstate community should be constrained from making reasonable and safe solutions because of the issues the New York City Region has.


Rance Brode

Owego, N.Y.

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  1. Rance. See article above in this publication: family dollar employee in Newark Valley COVID-19 positive. Clearly this is not limited to NYC. Also, I’m really shocked that Cuomo didn’t personally respond to you. Really!

  2. Rance D Brode | April 12, 2020 at 1:22 pm | Reply

    no question there are some instances of the virus throughout the state, but not in the concentration like the City region. Locally we can contain with prudence and precaution this virus without having the dense population of the NYC region.

  3. Chris, is the main character same as “Just Cause” character???

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